Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have Microsoft Word or Excel to use Easy Letterhead?

Yes. Easy Letterhead is an Add-on software that works on Word and Excel. So, you must have Microsoft Word or Excel installed on your computer, to use Easy Letterhead.

Do I need to have internet connected to use Easy letterhead?

Not at all. You can work on the system locally when not connected to internet as well. However, you must be connected to internet intermittently as the software will validate the licence during activation and once in three weeks.

What's the price of Easy Letterhead software?

The Basic plan includes only the Easy Letterhead Software for Windows, and the cost is just A$9.90 for monthly ongoing licence subscription. Basic option is suited for those businesses who have a designed blank letterhead in pdf format.

Premium plan will give you exactly the same Software you get with the basic plan. But, you get a branded letterhead custom designed for you. You will be paying an additional $45 one-time set up fee apart from the monthly licence fee.

Ultimate plan will give you the software, a branded letterhead custom designed for you, and a set of document templates for you to use. You will be paying an additional $99 one-time set up fee apart from the monthly licence fee.

Options available to save money by subscribing to annual licence.

Can I test the software before buying?

Absolutely. We want you to try the full version of the Software, before you spend money to use this handy solution. You can download the software and test it free for 10 days. However, after the first 5 output files, there will be a watermark on the document. To get usable documents, you need to purchase the licence.

Does Easy Letterhead need renewal?

No manual renewal is required. Easy Letterhead works as an ongoing subscription, either monthly or annually, as you opted. Please note, there is no lock in contract, you can cancel the subscription anytime. Simply send us an email to 'support@easyletterhead.com.au' and there will be no deduction from the next billing cycle.

How do I cancel the subscription?

Its Easy. As there is no lock-in contract, you can cancel the subscription anytime. Simply send us an email to 'support@easyletterhead.com.au' and there will be no deduction from the next billing cycle.

Is Easy Letterhead secure to install?

Definitely Yes. It is secure to install. Easy Letterhead is developed by experienced programmers, with quality coding. The software is 'Code signed' using Comodo Certificate, and verified publisher info. Please note, there may be warning dialogue boxes appearing based on your firewall settings and internet security.  You may have to allow for installation etc. Such messages will disappear in future, as the number of downloads increase.

What are the advantages of Easy Letterhead software?

Easy Letterhead works on your computer, not on the cloud. You can create any confidential document with this software, as you don't have to upload anything online. As an Add-in software, Easy Letterhead is very handy and quick to work with. You just do the work as normal on Word and Excel, but get the output in a branded format, whenever needed. Just by clicking a button!

Does Easy Letterhead work as a standalone software?

No, fortunately. You don't have to deal with a new software. Easy Letterhead is an Add-in software for Windows which gets integrated into Microsoft Word & Excel. When you install the software, an Add-on menu is automatically created on Word and Excel. Hence, you just use it with Word and Excel. So easy!

What is the difference between basic and premium plans?

Basic Plan is just the Software. If you already have a pdf letterhead for your business/organisation, you just need the software only, to start using it.

Premium Plan is for those who would like a professional outlook for their business. Apart from the Software, we will custom design a brand letterhead for you. You pay an additional $45 one-time for this service, apart from your monthly or annual subscription.

How does the premium plan work?

You need to download the Free Trial, install the software and try it. If you find it useful, please click on the 'Buy licence' button on the Easy Letterhead Software menu and you will be directed to the webpage to make the payment. Select the Premium plan and pay for it. Return to Easy Letterhead website after the payment. There will be a form where you can fill in your business details and upload the logo etc.

First of all, you will receive the activation code in your email instantly. Then, our brand design team will create a high end letterhead for you, and we will finalise it after your feedback and approval.

What to do if I can't find an answer for my question in the FAQ?

Don't Worry... We are here to help. Just shoot an email to 'support@easyletterhead.com.au' and we will get back to you within 24 hours at least.